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Communication : Apologizing

Apology in English:  الاعتذار في اللغة الانجليزية


Just because someone says that he is sorry, it does not mean that he is. A person might apologize to start an argument, to tell you that you are being unreasonable, to suggest that you should apologise, or because he really is sorry. On the other hand, a person might try to show that he is sorry, even though he can’t force himself to say it.

To be Sorry does not mean to apologize. To apologise is to admit that you are at fault. But sorry only expresses regret. That is, something has happened, which you would prefer had not happened, so you are sorry.
For example:
“I’m sorry to hear about your accident.”.
“I feel sorry for homeless people.”

In the examples above, the idea expressed is regret, but not an apology.

I’m afraid is often used to introduce bad news or an upsetting statement. Another way to do this is to use I am sorry to say.
For example:
I’m afraid you will miss your train”
“He won’t pass the exam, I’m sorry to say”
I’m sorry to say Joey’s aunt died yesterday.”
I’m afraid we’re lost.”


I apologize is a formal expression I’m sorry is often used in informal apologies.
With apologies, you admit to doing something to upset another person.

For example:
I am sorry for making a noise”.
I am sorry for ignoring you.”.

There are many ways to say “SORRY” in English:

:الاعتذار عن الأخطاء الصغيرة

Whoops! Sorry! = !أوبس! اسف

Oh! Sorry. = أوه! آسف

Sorry about that. = آسف لذلك

Oh, my bad. = أوه, انه خطأي

it’s my fault, dear.= انه خطأي عزيزي


:الاعتذار عندما ترتكب خطأ في حالات أكثر جدية

I’m so sorry. = آسف جداً

I apologize.= أنا اعتذر

I am so sorry for… = …انا جد اسف على

:الاعتذار للحصول على معلومات غير صحيحة

It’s my mistake. = …انه خطأي

I was wrong on that.= كنت مخطئاً في ذلك

My apologies. = اعتذاري

:جمل اعتذار في حالات رسمية او في حالات جدية

I’d like to apologize for… = أود أن اعتذر على

I do apologize for… = …أنا اعتذر ل

I must apologize for… = …يجب أن أعتذر على

Pardon me for this = اعذرني على

Please, accept my apologies for… = ارجوك اقبل اعتذاري على

:كتابة اعتذار رسمي

I sincerely apologize for = أعتذر بصدق

I take full responsibility for= أتحمل المسؤولية كاملة

for any problems I may have caused. = عن أي مشاكل ربما أكون قد تسببت

for my behavior. = لسلوكي

for my actions.= لأفعالي


Never mind لا يهم/ لا تلق بالاً لذلك/ لا تقلق

No apology is needed لا داعي للأسف

It’s all right حصل خير/ كل شيء على ما يرام

It doesn’t matter لايهم ذلك

Not at all لا على الاطلاق

Oh, don’t worry . It doesn’t matter أوه, لا تقلق، لا يهم

it doesn’t matter . It wasn’t your fault. احقا ذلك : لايهم. لم يكن ذلك خطأك

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