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Communication : Making and responding to requests

A request is asking someone to do a favor or for something. It’s important to be polite when doing so. Making and responding to a request can be done in different ways.

Making Request

making request, could you open the door, please?

Could you, please …..?
Can you ….?
Will you …..?
Is there any chance you could …..?
Do you think you could …..?
Could you possibly …..?
I wonder if you could …..?
Do you mind (verb+ing)……?  ( it’s like saying: Is there a problem if… ? )

Responding to request

Accepting request

Yes, sure.
Yes, of course.
Certainly yes.
With pleasure.
Sure, don’t worry.
Sure, no problem.

Refusing request

Oh sorry, I can’t.
I just can’t, I am sorry.
I am afraid, but I can’t.
Certainly not.

Example 1 :

Speaker 1: Could you please help me with this exercise?
Speaker 2: Yes, of course?

Example 2 :

Speaker 3: Do you mind taking out the trash?
Speaker 4: No, I don’t mind (accepting request)


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