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Grammar : Phrasal verbs

There are so many phrasal verbs in the English language and each one of them has a different meaning.

Some of these phrasal verbs have several meanings.

Bring up

  • To take care of and teach ( a child who is growing up )

Example : His grandparents brought him up because his parents were always busy.

  • To mention ( something ) when talking : to start to talk about ( something ).

Example : Don’t bring up the bad news again, please !

Carry on

  • To continue to do what you have been doing.

Example : Sorry I interrupted you, carry on talking !

  • To behave or speak in an excited or foolish way.

Example : The little boy was carrying on : shouting and kicking all day long.

Come across

  • To meet or find ( something or someone) by chance.

Example : While Adam was walking in the street, he cam across Tom, what a coincidence !

Come up with

  • To get or think of ( something that is needed or wanted)

Example : We finally came up with a solution to the problem !

Fall apart :

  • To break into parts in usually a sudden and unexpected way.

Example : My cake fell apart when I tried to cut it.

  • To become unable to live in a normal way because you are experiencing a lot of confusion or emotional pain.

Example : After the divorce, she felt apart.

Get along :

  • To be or remain friendly

Example : We’re not together anymore, but we get along great.

  • To make progress while doing something.

Example : How are you getting along at playing the guitar ?

  • To leave a place

Example : It was lovely to see you, but my friend has to get along, she has class.

  • To become old.

Example : Her grandma is getting along, she’s almost 89.

Get away :

  • to go away from a place.

Example : I can’t wait to get away from Casablanca, it became toxic.

  • To avoid being caught : to escape.

Example : The thieves managed to get away in a stolen car.

Get over :

  • To stop being controlled or bothered by ( something, such as a problem or feeling )

Example : I got over my fear of flying

  • To stop feeling unhappy about something.

Example : Finally, Kylie got over her ex husband.

  • To become healthy again after an illness.

Example : Have you heard ? Reda has got over the cold.

Give up :

  • To stop an activity or effort : to admit that you cannot do something and stop trying.

Example : We all gave up smoking last week.

Go on :

  • To continue.

Example : They landed in Marrakech and then went on to Rabat.

  • To happen

Example : What’s going on ? What’s happening ?

  • Used in speech to urge someone to do something

Example : Go on ! Try it ! it’s delicious.

Hold on :

  • To have or keep your hand, arms, etc., tightly around something.

Example : Hold on to the tree, that way you won’t fall.

  • To succeed in keeping a position, condition, etc.

Example : I will hold on to my job until May

Look after :

  • To take care of ( someone or something).

Example : the nurse looked after the patient for months, until he was better.

Look forward to :

  • To expect ( something ) with pleasure

Example : William is really looking forward to going on holiday.

Make out :

  • To hear and understand (something)

Example : I can’t make out what you’re saying, can you speak louder ?

Pass out :

  • To fall asleep or become unconscious

Example : I was so tired, I got home and passed out on the bed.

Put down :

  • To place ( someone or something that you have been holding or carrying) on a table, on the floor, etc.

Example : You can put the suitcases down in the bedroom.

  • To write ( something ) : to record ( something ) in writing.

Example : He put down his memories to write a book when he was older.

  • To give ( an amount of money) as a first payment when you are buying  something that costs a lot of money.

Example : My wife and I are going to put down some money to buy this car.

Put off :

  • To decide that ( something ) will happen will happen at a later time : postpone.

Example : The boss was so tired that he put off the meeting until Tuesday.

Turn up :

  • To be found usually unexpectedly

Example : Oh ! my phone turned up in my pocket !

  • To arrive at a place

Example : As always, julian turned up late.

  • To increase the volume, temperature, etc., of something by pressing a button…..

Example : Please turn the music up 😉

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