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Present perfect

تنفّع من موارد توجيهية و تعليمية مجّانية

Present Perfect Tense:

Structure of Present Perfect Tense : 

We form the past perfect tense with :

Has + Past Participle

(Had)   (done, looked, seen…)

You can use Present Perfect to tell what :

you have done recently/ lately

you have just or already done

you have never/ ever done

you have done so far/ up to now

you have done today/ this week/ this month/ this year

1. To Talk about EXPERIENCES

It is important if we HAVE DONE IT in our life or NOT.

It is not important WHEN we did it


I have been abroad three times

Emily has never played tennis

Have you ever eaten sushi ?


2.To talk about an Action which started in the past and continuous up to now : 


I have been a lawyer for more than ten years

How long have you been at this school ?

3.To talk about a PAST action that has the result in the PRESENT


I have lost my ID = i don’t have it now

Tony has gone to Egypt = He isn’t here now

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تنفّع من موارد توجيهية و تعليمية مجّانية