An international organization is an organization, active in more than one country; it is a stable set of norms and rules meant to govern the behavior of states and other actors in the international system.



  • WHO: World Health Organisation
  • U.N: United Nations
  • U.N.E.S.C.O: United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation
  • U.N.H.C.R : United Nations High Commissioner for refugees
  • F.A.O : Food and Agriculture Organisation
  • T.I: Transparency International
  • I.C.R.C : International Committee of the Red Cross 
  • BIS: Bank for International Settlements




  • Run a campaign: 

there is little clarity over who will run the next election campaign

  • Humanitarian aid: 

we need humanitarian aid there urgently

  • Emergency relief:

we are providing food and emergency relief

  • Financial assistance:

They offered him financial assistance to carry on his study of the airplane problem. etc.

  • Peace treaty:

The whole country celebrated the signing of the peace treaty.

Phrasal verbs




Called off:

To cancel the (the meeting).

Looking into: 

to investigate

Turn into: 


Sort out: 

to find a solution

Set up: 

to organize, or plane something

Chip up:

to give something (such as time, money, etc.) in order to help a person or group, or cause

End up: 

to eventually reach, do, or decide something  


Note that the purpose of international organizations is connecting members, bringing gaps, encouraging peace and security, economic and development.


To study international organization is to study the norms, rules and institutions that shape relations between states. 


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