Every person has a natural ability to be good in something such as being good in “creativity” which the ability to innovate ideas or generate new methods or being good in “adventure”. This lesson talks about the gifts of youth and vocabulary that describe them.

 Vocabulary we use them to express the gifts of Youth:


  • Vitality : energy and strength:
  • Punctual : Arriving at the right time and not too late
  • Maturity : The quality of behaving like an adult, in a way which shows that you are well developed emotionally:
  • Innovation :a new idea or method that is being tried for the first time, or the use of such ideas or methods:
  • Inquiry : a question that you ask when you want more information:
  • Audacity : showing too much confidence in your behaviour in a way that other people find shocking or rude:
  • Efficiency : a good use of time and energy, without wasting any:
  • Autonomy : the right of a country or group of people to govern itself
  • Sociable: Someone who is sociable enjoys being with people and meeting new people.
  • Vigour: strength and energy:

Nouns and Adjectives

Nouns   Adjectives    
flexibility flexible
sociability sociable
optimism optimistic
vigour vigourous
imagination imaginative
creativity creative
adventure adventurous
innovation innovative
talent talented
ambition ambitious
inquiry inquisitive


To use the expressions above to describe youth we must change “Nouns” to “adjectives”

For example : “sociability” is a Noun if we change it to Adjective it become “sociable”

  • My brother is sociable.


  • Negative stereotypes
  • Gifted youth
  • Talented youth
  • Make a descision
  • Fulfill a dream
  • Generation gap
  • Voice an opinion
  • Artistic talent


Phrasal verbs:

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