The migration of educated or talented people from less economically advanced areas to more economically advanced areas, especially to large cities or richer countries.


Immigration: is the fact or process of people coming into a country in order to live and work there.

Better pay: receiving a lot of money from the work

Life conditions: a person’s material and immaterial circumstances of life.

Push factors: are those that encourage a population to leave its home (to another area or place).

Pull factors: is used to describe factors that attract people to a country, region, religion, etc.

Homesick: unhappy or depressed at being away from home and family (longing from home).

Abroad: beyond the boundaries of one’s country

Funds: are amounts of money that are available to be spent

Skilled: having enough ability, knowledge to be able to do something well.





Money transfers:

MoneyGram is the largest provider of money transfers in the world.



Job opportunities

we also wanted to help to provide job opportunities for trainees

Brain gain:

we’re moving from brain drain to brain gain


Fulfil a dream:


Winning an exciting set of tickets can fulfil a dream.


Phrasal verbs


           Phrasal verbs


      Get rid of:


 throw away

      Figure out:



      Set up:


Establish, start.

      Look up:


search for

      Put off:



      Check in:



NOTE: brain drain problems refer to the situation where a country loses its best workers.


Brain drain occurs when people go out and settle abroad for their jobs, or they go abroad for higher studies. After having finished their studies, they settle over there and do not return.

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