Conditional type 0

There are several types of conditional sentences in English, every type has its rules. In today's lesson we will learn the meaning of conditional sentences and the rule of each one.


What do conditional sentences mean?

The zero (0) conditional is the factual conditional. If this event happens or if this condition exists, something happens.


Note that : The if clause expresses condition or cause, and the main clause expresses consequence.


We use conditional type 0 when we talk about

  • Universal truths: if you mix red with green, it gives you yellow.
  • Obvious things: if you touch fire, you get burned.
  • Facts: If you don’t eat at all, you die.
  • Cause and consequence: if I listen to loud music, I have a headache.
  • Suggestion: If you have problems, talk to your psychiatrist. If you need help, call me.


If/ when + Simple present + , + Simple present. e.g. If/when it rains , the ground gets wet.


Simple present+ if/when + Simple present. e.g. The ground gets wet if/when it rains.


Conditional type 1


The first conditional is used to talk about things that are normal, possible and quite likely to happen. It is typically used to . . .

  • Give warnings and advice: If you pick it up when it's hot, you'll burn your fingers.
  • Make predictions; speculate about future events: If it works, we'll make a lot of money.
  • Threaten: If you don't leave right now, I'll. . .
  • Make offers, promises; barter: If you lend me the football, I'll lend you my Scrabble set.
  • Discuss hypotheses; offer theories: If the lever moves clockwise, I think the gate will open.
  • Draw conclusions from evidence: If they are all here, then there is nobody at Reception.
  • State instructions: If you press button C, the machine will switch off.


if clause  main clause
If noun /pronoun present simple noun /pronoun il/will car might  may should must have  to verb base  from


Conditional type 2

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