Humour is anything that causes amusement; it is a quality in something that makes you laugh for example in a situation, in someone's words or actions, or in a book or film. In this lesson we will learn the expressions related to humour.

Vocabulary that express humour

  • Amusing: something that makes you laugh
  • Funny: causing amusement or laughter
  • A joke: very short story with a funny ending
  • Humorous: Amusing, funny and laughable
  • An impression: An amusing imitation of a famous person
  • To make fun of someone: Laugh at someone In a sarcasm way
  • To kid: To make jokes or to joke with someone
  • Silly: Funny in a stupid way
  • Witty: Funny in an intelligent way


            collocations Examples
Silly joke
  • She told a silly joke.
Crack jokes
  • I cracked jokes to make everyone laugh.
Dry humour
  • I wait for one of them to crack a joke.
Gallows humour
  • Serious occasions can produce good comedy, or at least gallows humour.
Sense of humour
  • He was a fantastic teacher with infinite patience and a great sense of humour.
Stand-up comedian
  • He started as a stand-up comedian.
Good mood
  • Now you can go to work in a good mood.
Bad mood
  • He’s been in a bad mood all evening because his favourite team lost today’s match.
Have fun
  • I try to do good work and have fun doing it.
Make fun of
  • Don’t make fun of dreams
Burst into laughter
  • I heard a joke and I burst into laughter.
Comedy film

Phrasal verbs:

Phrasal verbs                  Meaning
Come back
  • To return
Give up
  • To stop trying to do something before you have finished
Going  on
  • To continue an activity
Add up
  • To seem reasonable / to make sense
Come across
  • Meet someone or find something by chance
Work out
  • To think of a solution for dealing with a problem
Turn up
  • Something found after being lost
Go out
  • To leave your house and go somewhere
Lie down
  • A short rest/ relax


  we primarily call attention to ourselves when we use humour within a group of friends


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