Cultural values are a series of principles and values passed on generation after generation by our parents, such as morals, rules, values, languages, arts, music.



  • Belief: a belief is an idea one accepts as being true or real.
  • Values: values are the guiding principles of our behaviour. Our values determine what we consider to be right, wrong, fair, unfair…
  • Civilization: a civilization is a human society with its own social organization and culture.
  • Traditions: tradition is a belief or behavior passed down within a group or society with symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past.
  • Cultural diversity: cultural diversity, or sometimes referred to as multiculturalism, is a quality of diverse and many different cultures.
  • norms: they are most commonly defined as rules or expectations that are socially enforced
  • Co-existence: is a state of which two or more groups are living together while respecting their differences.
  • Tolerance: is being patient, understanding and accepting of anything  different


Collocations Meaning

⮚      Cultural values

⮚      We have cultural values we as a company hold true.

⮚      Cultural issues

⮚      There will be cultural issues to overcome, too.

⮚      Human values

⮚      the reason for this in human society: tool-values dominate over human values

⮚      Maintain peace

⮚      We all have to do what we can to maintain peace.

⮚      Moral obligation

⮚      We have a moral obligation to protect the environment.

⮚      Cultural heritage

⮚      We are determined to preserve our unique cultural heritage for future generations.

⮚      Raise awareness

⮚      We need to raise awareness and education in these communities.

Phrasal verbs

Phrasal verbs


  • Take over
  • To have control of something
  • Going up
  • To move higher, rise or increase
  • Pressing on
  • To continue moving forward
  • Running after
  • To pursue something

Note that a culture is nothing without its values. Values considered as the core principle of the communities.


Cultural values are constructing and improving our society, values are the basic and fundamental beliefs that guide or motivate attitudes or actions.